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10-09-2014 01:48 PM
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When I print something out of my web app, several of the symbols for features are missing in the legend.  In the attached map, there are no symbols for disposal, outgrants or AgEasements.  Those symbols are present in the application, but they show up in the printout.  This particular application was put together with the Web App Builder, but we see the same result if we use the Classical Viewer application template.  Any ideas?

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Same problem for me.  There appears to be at least 2 major bugs in the legends of a printout:

1. Legends of features with only outline polygons (no infill) do not display. The name of the feature is displayed but the graphic symbol is not.

2. Legend names on a printout revert back to the original name when feature was created and does not use the latest rename that shows up in the interactive map.

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I have seen similar problems posted by others and Kelly Hutchins with ESRI seems to know what is going on with prints services in AGOL.  Calling Kelly Hutchins!  I don't know how to contact her directly through GeoNet.

In previous posts, she has indicated that these problems were suppose to be resolved in "subsequent releases", but that was at least 2 releases ago.  I hope she looks at this post.

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Off thread subject, but to respond to Donna Pitzer,       

Using @mention    In short, you would type "@kelly_hutchins"   without the quotes

FYI Kelly Hutchins          (Kelly, bumping for above message)  

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If this is reproducible in the templates and the Web App Builder it may be a general print issue with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript print widget.  One way to test this is to replace the web map id in this sample with yours and see if you can reproduce with the sample.

ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox

If its reproducible with the sample you can contact Esri Support to submit a support incident for this problem.

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I'm also having a similar problem, all my cached layers don't appear in the legend. Any idea?

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Kelly Hutchins
This seems to be a similar issue in WAB.  I just created a custom geoprocessing service for my print so i could add custom print templates and when I go to print my maps, only filled polygons and lines will show in the legend.  Any thoughts on this?

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