Web AppBuilder on AGOL needs LayerList "clear all" option

11-03-2014 08:51 AM
Status: Open
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When viewing the LayerList in WAB, I'd like the ability to "Clear All" or "Select All" available layers. Currently you have to select them individually.
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it needs to be have like AGS JS TOC. It needs partial state checkboxes, turn on layers in a group by default even if the parent group is not on (perhaps a changeable behavior as a setting), and yes for an option to have it auto expanded. Also, allow layer transparency and the other layer options in the little menu on the right for all sublayers of a service. (not just the service as a whole but the sublayers, because we have one service with many layers,  there are many reasons for this)


I regret to say it but our users are confused and even infuriorated by the design as of now. It needs partial state checkboxes to show when only some of the sublayers in a Group are on. It also needs clear all button as you say. Most important it needs to turn a layer if you click it, even if it's in a group or groups that are not on. usersw want to todo things in one click not 5. I have layers in two or three group levels down and users find this very hard to use. I did a shortcut by having the groups on and not the layers in the group but again because there is no partial state checkbox, they assume layers in the group are on. And because as you say it is not expanded by default they do not think to expand the groups.

However I want to say this: WebApp Builder overall is a beautiful architecture and layer list widget is a good start.  It's an incredible platform, between WAB and ArcGIS Online Esri's really running on all cylinders now and doing great things. Esri staff is taking our recommendations and implementing them at a good clip and also adding a ton of great new widgets and features each update. The layerlist is one of the things on their plate that I would propose to be upgraded next with our suggestions here.

But the workflow for the hundreds of users I've seen, is they want to turn a layer on. The Layerlist is the first thing they do. Or right after searching an address. If it is hard, they're done. They are done with viewer, forget it, and let us know when it's "fixed".  All of the optional widgets Esri is creating are outstanding but it is becoming mission-critical we get the layerlist refined with the interface components outlined here.

Thank you ESRI team for all of the amazing work thus far on WebApp Builder.