Web App Builder Filter Related Records

05-09-2018 02:02 PM
Status: Open
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In Web App Builder, when I apply a filter to a feature class on the map, it automatically filters the attribute table. I'd like it to filter the attribute tables for related records as well.


Feature layer = Sanitary Sewer Lines

Related Tables = Jetting Log & Camera Log

Current behavior: I apply a filter to sanitary sewer lines for "Flagged = Yes". This filters the associated feature layer table to 50 records, but the tables for Jetting Log and Camera Log still contain all 1,000+ records.

I'd like to easily transition to viewing related inspection logs for those flagged lines, but that's not currently possible.

by Anonymous User

Very good idea. I would love to have this idea being implemented. It is also a far better and cleaner solution then copying data and tables in order to get the same reults.


This should be implemented ! Our users don't understand why it's not working.

Also they don't understand the "show related record" function in the attribute table. Because the show function just has an impact on the attribut table and doesn't has an impact on the map like the filter function (defintion query).


This seems to still be a limitation...


@abureaux  a persistent and troublesome limitation indeed. I would like to filter a print app to the set of records related to a selected parent for clean printing of just one recordset.


I'll echo everyone else's comments here. How has this not been implemented yet!?

This is very difficult to explain to users and especially problematic with cascading relationships. [Note that this problem does not exist at all in Pro.]

For example, let's say we have 3 related tables in descending parent-to-child 1:M relationships. If you apply a filter to table 2, and then 'show related records', Table 2 returns the correct related records. However, if you then 'show related records' in Table 2 without applying a filter to Table 2, the tool will time out in attempting to poll all records in Table 2 for relationships with Table 3.

Server Manager will then trigger an warning in server logs: for Max Record Count and will actually trigger warnings amounting for whatever is set in the service properties 'Maximum Number of Records Returned by Server'. So if your service has the default of 1000 records, you will have 1,000 warnings in your server logs!

This is ridiculous...

Actual warning message shown below:

MaxRecordCount limit reached; ignoring any remaining objects in the query result for Table: Table 3.