WAB Real-time Time-slider Widget

09-22-2016 07:32 AM
Status: Open
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This ArcGIS Ideas entry is for a Web AppBuilder "Real-time Time-slider Widget" that would automatically update when new data is added to a feature service.  An alternative would be to give time slider controls to an app user so that they can modify the time slider to start and stop dates of their choice, which would include dates into the future that might not currently exist in the feature service itself, or at the very least default the stop date as the current date/time when the app is accessed by the user.  Currently, before any recently added data can be seen in WAB app's time slider widget, the time-slider must be manually updated in the associated AGO web map.

I can think of a few projects that would benefit from a real-time time slider widget in Web AppBuilder, but the most immediate impact would be for our WAB alternative to the "crowd-source manager" app (which might require an entirely new Idea entry for Crowdsource Manager enhancements).  However, we could still use a Real-time Time Slider widget in WAB for many other projects and apps that are part of our data collection efforts here at the County. 

Currently, we are using a WAB app as an alternative to the Crowd-source Management app for our Department of Transportation. While I would prefer to have them use the crowd-source managers template provided by Esri, there are some controls/functionality that we can only get through using a platform like WAB, the major function being custom geoprocessing widgets (for printing custom reports). Since our field staff are not 100% (perhaps not even 50%) smart-device enabled, our DOT managers needed the ability to print custom reports to give to workers to take with them into the field to address any issues submitted to our Reporter app for Roadways.  

Regardless, the updates that have been coming from Esri for both Crowdsource applications and the WAB platform have been awesome (VERY excited about the support for editing related records in most recent WAB/AGO update), please keep the updates rolling Esri Katie Cullen‌ 


I would add that any service (not just a feature service) should be able to be dynamically read to update time span.  For example we have a service based on rainfall data in netcdf form.  It works really well as a time aware layer except that the WAB and AGOL time slider widgets don't adjust themselves when the underlying data, and timespan is changed.

There are many separate ideas here now which all deal with the same issue in slightly different ways..

For "time-based layer" , have a Dynamic interval based on data 

Show current time/real time data in ArcGIS Online 

Dynamic Time Slider in AGOL for use with continuously updating REST services 

...for AVL history - continuously updating.


I need this same functionality as well!

I am using many of the weather forecast Living Atlas Weather layers as well as a few extra from NOAA's NowCoast Map Services for a collection of Emergency Response and Preparedness map applications. A realm where time is of the essence, having to manually refresh the web maps could cost much more than time.

Let's get this changed!

This would be very useful!

Same probelm...!!!

Absolutely needed.  Our data is not static so we need to have the ability for the time slider to adjust as new information is added.

Absolutely required. Just like Eric above, this is a very needed ability. It seams like this question has been around a while. Is there not a plan for something like this to be implemented ? I'm sure I'm not the only one. A very important missing piece to the WAB widget library.

Is there anyone who has found another possible custom widget that could be used instead ?