WAB filter widget - "Clear all"

09-11-2018 09:12 AM
Status: Open
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Add ability to configure the WAB filter widget to include a "clear" button that would remove all the filters.

This would be easier for users than having to uncheck all the filters they may have checked, particularly if the filter list is long enough that they have to scroll to see it all.

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by Anonymous User

^ Yes. Great idea Jay.

And make it more clear to users the Filter is still on, while it's on. Perhaps an indicator badge in the LayerList and Attrib Table by the layer name it's active. 


Absolutely... was just logging in to make this request myself and figured surely someone else had asked!

Frustrating that the "Group Filter" widget has such a button, but not the basic one - seems to be basic common sense and a simple thing to implement.


Yes, this would be a very helpful feature that would make the filter widget much more user friendly! It's particularly needed when you have many filter options available so that they don't all fit in the window without having to scroll. 


This would be a long over due improvement. It appears to be a simple thing to implement.


Thanks for your feedback. It is under our consideration.