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WAB edit widget email attachments (*.msg) support

03-28-2018 04:21 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be very useful to have the ability to attach email-files *.msg on the edit widget I Web App Builder (ArcGIS Portal/ArcGIS Online)

Right now, this file type is not supported, even though it is possible to attach the same file from ArcMap without any problems and then open it from the Web App Builder.

Saving email to pdf is not an option, because you cannot open any attached documents from the email.

We have customers who would really need to use this missing feature.


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As we have submission workflows (workorders) using WAB's smart editor, it is very hard to ignore .msg files. Users need to submit .msg files and pdf'ing those files is not practical.

The same applies to crowdsource manager.

That would be a real game changer for us. ~3000 workflows per\year.