WAB: Dynamically Adjust Domain Range in Renderer of GP Widget Output

08-29-2017 06:30 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

As of now, the output of a GP widget can be rendered in Web AppBuilder (Dev Edition) to use either a single symbol, or a unique symbol based on a categorical attribute, or color ramps for pre-defined domain ranges on quantitative attributes. However, the domain range (MIN-MAX) needs to be pre-determined and set by the user ahead of time. This works when the output layer has a fixed range of values, but what if the quantitative attribute (e.g. transported goods, soil Ph, return of investment, etc.) drastically changes depending on the study area? Having a pre-defined range does not work anymore.

IDEA: Wouldn't it make more sense to grab the attribute MIN and MAX dynamically from the selected attribute in the dropdown menu "To show"?