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Summary (Pro) tool

12-18-2018 09:14 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Hi All,

In our offices, the most popular tool is the Summary tool, because it’s so easy to use. But, it needs more capabilities to really make it powerful. We would like the banner across the bottom to allow transparency values, so current features can be seen underneath the banner. Next, we would like to have a custom filter added to the banner that can access all fields for the selected layer. Finally, a custom boundary override choice would really complete the Summary Pro tool. One last thing. It would be nice to increase the number of fields per banner page. Currently, it looks like 4, but if the screen resolution is high, there is so much dead space.





Hello Gerry Garza,

Thank you for submitting this idea! I would recommend splitting some of these requests out into distinct ideas:

  • transparency
  • filter options
  • custom boundary override
  • number of fields per page

These requests can all stand on their own, and I think you could make a separate case for each of these. It will also be easier for us to track and share updates, since one of these being implemented would put the others in limbo.

Let me know if you'd like assistance with this approach.




Hi Scott,

Thanks for your suggestion. Since these are all enhancement requests targeting only one tool, I thought it was best to submit as is. If you have time and think it's better to split into separate requests, please use your best judgement.

Best regards,