Public Notification Widget - Specify initial location/selection in URL parameter

03-06-2020 01:47 AM
Status: Open
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The WebAppBuilder currently allows use of URL parameters to specify the initial extent of the map. See Use URL parameters—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Documentation. This is very useful when integrating ArcGIS with third party applications that may already know a location or feature ID.

It would be useful if the location or selection specified with the existing 'center' or 'query' parameters could be used as the initial location or selection within the public notification widget. This would allow third party applications to use ArcGIS for public notification without requiring users to manually find a location or feature that has already been selected within the third party application eg a licensing system with an application for a license at an address with a known ID. 

This feature would be even more useful if it was implemented in conjunction with another idea: Public Notification Widget - Apply Search Distance ON by Default proposed by Stephanie Patterson‌. This would mean that the map is just providing visual confirmation of the selection, which can then be modified if required, before the users clicks download to get the information they need.

There is also a 'find' parameter available with WebAppBuilder, but this requires the search widget to be visible, which is potentially confusing when shown alongside the address search box within the public notification widget.

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by Anonymous User

Excellent idea. It would be useful even for users to simply send this link to each; to load up a map highlighting a particular feature with this informative widget.