Partial Checkboxes across platform in TOC - Web AppBuilder, ArcMap, API

03-17-2016 12:03 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I have two related requests for the Layer List / Table of Contents.  Our users have requested to be able to click once to turn on a layer. Currently in Web AppBuilder, you must also ensure groups are turned on, so a layer in a group in another group is three clicks.  I propose making the visibility trickle upward automatically, like AGS TOC.

To quasi-solve this, I turned groups and subgroups on but not layers in them, for most. But this leaves all the toplevel groups showing checkmarks. This is a user interface metaphor for saying to the user: "All items in this group are on".  But, if only some of them are on, the user may not at present realize they can expand the group and turn more layers on.

To solve this I have a simple proposal: partial state checkboxes.  Partial checkboxes would be nice to see throughout the Esri platform, from ArcMap to APIs.

In WAB LayerList it would be great to allow a user to turn all layers on or off, perhaps via ctrl-click and shift-click like ArcMap too and change layer transparency for service sublayers.

We love WebApp Builder. Our users love it. I love how easy it is to use and develop for as a beautiful architecture. The layer list widget is already a powerhouse and these UI tweaks will help our users more.  It's an incredible platform, between WAB and ArcGIS Online Esri's really doing great things. Thank you Esri staff for discussing this idea with us at the conference. Especially Julie Powell and Moxie Zhang.
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Well this is interesting. I noticed there is one Esri app that implements this all, already, and perfectly.

I mean perfect. Turn a sublayer on, and it auto-turns on all parent groups? check. Partial checkbox? Yes.

ArcGIS Earth.