Measurement widget for web scene on the WAB

03-01-2017 03:36 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

There is not measurement widget available for web scene on the web appbuilder. The following tools, similar to the measurement tools on ArcGIS Pro, would be really convenient :

- Measure distance

- Measure vertical

- Measure area

- Measure point (3D coordinates)


This is a MUST, using LiDAR or LAS data-sets and sharing them through the app builder is an impossibility without this tool. The sole purpose of this would be to measure areas, and distances, the scene is just a gimmick otherwise and not a highly useful tool.


I don't even want to mention the 3D Web Scene to our users given there's no measurement tool, which would be the first tool they'd try to find and use. Otherwise they're happy to use Google Earth Online given everthing's much better with GEO.


I noticed today web scene now supports measurement in 3D! Finally! Thanks a lot and well done!


I am not seeing the Measurement (3D) widget in my portal's (10.6) webappbuilder tools. Is there anyone who can point me to the widget so I can download/install and use as a custom widget? I see the tool is available on arconline, but not in portal. Thanks in advance. #portal #measurement #3D