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Filter Print Templates in Web App Builder

08-03-2015 08:11 AM
Status: Open
Esteemed Contributor
I have a custom print service that I use in a javascript/HTML5 application that was built entirely in-house without the use of the Web App Builder.  The javascript/HTML5 application required the use of multiple print templates that were filtered programmatically by checkboxes.

I want to use this same print service in AGOL Web App Builder applications, but I do not want endusers to have to sort through a long dropdown list of print templates.  I would like the ability to filter print templates via a configuration file so a programmer would not be needed to perform this same process programmatically which would require the developer version of Web App Builder.  A wildcard print filter would be ideal (e.g. Template Like '%hydro' so only print templates with hydro in the name would be included in the dropdown list).