Customizable PDF Template Builder in Print Widget in ArcGIS Web App Builder

01-14-2021 02:21 PM
Status: Open
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Problem: As the Print Widget is right now, there is only one PDF Export option available and the largest PDF export size available is 11"x17".  

As my company starts to adopt ESRI tools for gas pipeline design, there needs to be an output in different sizes that are currently available in the Print Widget. Some of the cities that we perform our work in have a robust GIS but there are also some that are still paper (PDF) based. My line of business in will need to export PDFs containing line, point and polygon features drawn by designers using Survey123, Field Maps and the Smart Editor tool in and ArcGIS Web App. The designers output needs to be a PDF containing a map view of what was designed using ArcGIS tools in order to apply for permits. The PDF template needs to comply to company standards so it needs to be customizable in the Print Widget. My line of business will need to produce a 24"x36" PDF of the project area with a title block containing project information such as job number, designer's name, lead's name, approving supervisor, revision number, and status of design.

Proposed Idea: The print widget in ArcGIS Web App Builder should have a custom PDF Template builder built into the Print Widget configuration.  

Thanks for listening to my idea.