Configurable Edit Popup Widget

06-23-2016 06:51 AM
Status: Open
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Editi popup widget in web app bulder or other templates  is Ok if you have few attributes to edit  BUT....

when you have a complex form to compile You need a different edit popup that help users to insert quickly and efficently many informations

Something new has been added in June 2016 with the smart edit widget in the webapp builder:  It add some intelligence to attributes editing but no other popup customizations are allowed.

A nice approach was made in the past with the Geoform webapp  but other editing limitations are still to be emplemented (ie modify inserted point/forms)

We have many projects and activities that need simple spatial operation (add points) but complex attributes editing: actually many of these can't be implemented using a WebGIS approach..

Something more robust to manage these cases is essential and a new customizable popup widget would be the final solution. Ssome ideas could be:  

manage editing of related tables (like in Collector for arcgis)

-create and manage form sections/ folders to better organize many attributes

check buttons,- radio button, selectos to optimize  popup space and dimension,

-customize the editing form in terms of look and feel

thank you!



I'd like to this widget or a new widget could only add new data but not edit the data.


One year has passed but no many evolutions on this point....