Better Mobile Popups

08-27-2020 02:47 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

The mobile popups in WAB are not that user friendly. The initial popup is too small and lacks sufficient info to be useful, but after expanding, its too large, covering the entire map.


I would propose the following:

  • Initial popup larger, showing the popup title and a portion of the body of popup. In many cases this would be large enough to provide the key info a user needs and they would not need to expand it.
  • The popup can be expanded to show more, but it will cover only half or 3/4 of screen, allowing user to still see the map. This expanded popup should be scrollable in case content exceeds size of popup. Also, some formatting improvements like not cramming content against top and left border.
  • Map should pan automatically so that selected feature is visible on the portion of map not covered by popup.
  • Popups should not be anchored to feature. Rather, the initial popup should be anchored at bottom of screen, or top. Expanded popup should likewise be anchored to bottom or top. Perhaps this could be a configuration that admins can decide.