A widget in WAB that will show the related table

05-23-2019 08:27 AM
Status: Open
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I have a web map that shows the state of Oregon.  I also have the two tables showing one is the list of counties the other is the related table of Endangered or Threatened plants.  I can click on a county name in the county table it will highlight the county on the map and show the related records in the related table. Or I can click on a county on the map and it will highlight the county in the county table and show the related records in the related table.

I can not set up this same function in WAB without having the user do several clicks.  Thought about using Dashboard, however there is no widget to show related table.  There is one for related table chart.

I do not have the knowledge of program language to create a widget.  I just seems if there is a widget for relate chart there should be one to show the related table.


Voted up, I could have a similar need.  I'd like to just click on a point in my web-app and have all related tables listed or displayed on sidebar, minimum clicking, and only related table info.  While still having my point layer data in pop-up


You could try using the Query Widget.  Preset some queries to search by county or species, or both!

It works very well with analytical data for my point layers.  and you can export queries to excel tables.

Still plenty of clicking and clacking tho....


Voted up as this would be extremely useful for Local Governments across Australia. For those who are looking to move away from the current mainstream platform, it would be useful to have this to reduce the amount of re-work that is required to move across to the Esri platform.


would be stellar to have the related information pop out to attach to side of screen like it does when looking at attributes in arcpro!