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01-11-2018 08:01 AM
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Hi All,

Currently using old version of Flex. version 1 I think.

What I want to get to is when an my application page is launched and app opens the first thing to be seen is the splash widget, user clicks to continue.

Have tried to referenced the splash as the main Application config. see below,

How ever not  splash does not show when application is launced

<!-- Geometry service configuration -->
 <geometryservice url="https://gbepabz-apgis01.main.glb.corp.local/ags/rest/services/Utilities/Geometry/GeometryServer" />

            label="ArcGIS Viewer for Flex"
            config="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/splash/SplashWidget.xml" url="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/splash/SplashExtWidget.swf" />

 <!-- UI elements -->
 <widget right="75"  top="100"   config="widgets/Navigation/NavigationWidget.xml" url="widgets/Navigation/NavigationWidget.swf"/>
 <widget right="-2" bottom="-2" config="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/overviewMap/OverviewMapWidget.xml" url="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/overviewMap/OverviewMapWidget.swf" />
 <widget right="5"  top="65"    config="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/mapSwitcher/MapSwitcherWidget.xml" url="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/mapSwitcher/MapSwitcherWidget.swf" />
 <widget left="0"   top="0"     config="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/headerController/HeaderControllerWidget.xml" url="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/headerController/HeaderControllerWidget.swf" />
 <widget left="3"   bottom="3"  config="config/applications/seismic_viewer/widgets/CoordinateWidget.xml" url="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/coordinate/CoordinateWidget.swf" /> <!-- Options for the Displayed Coordinates box -->
 <widget left="0"   top="60"    config="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/tocFix/TocFixWidget.xml" url="com/total/ep/gisep/widgets/tocFix/TocFixWidget.swf" /> <!-- Without the LAT-LONG graticule option -->

Thanks for your help!

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   You are unlikely to get any help on this as the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex as been moved to the  retirement phase for a LONG time now (i.e. it is no longer supported). You need to be moving to https://community.esri.com/community/gis/web-gis/web-appbuilder?sr=search&searchId=fdfeb8b6-986e-4cd...

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I know its obsolete  my company still have an application built on this old version

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