Rename/format layers in the choicelist of the GeoProcessing widget

07-06-2015 08:58 AM
New Contributor


I have a geoprocessing widget whereby the user selects a number of selected layers to be processed from the <choicelist> element of the widget. I’m trying to rename the layers in the choice list as they are formatted with no spaces or punctuation in order to run in the model.  Is it possible to use the alias function to rename the layers for selection in the choice list? I know it is possible to rename Fields using an Alias in the Pop Up config files but is there a similar function that can be applied to the choicelist in the geoprocessing widget config?

For Example in the the Pop Up config <field name="small_area_ID"alias="Small Area ID" . Can something like this be replicated in the GP widget config?


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