How to access Bing Maps

10-01-2010 11:18 AM
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I am using ArcServer 10 and the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.1.

What should I use as the REST endpoint URL for Bing Map data?

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I'm still new to this, Bruce, but it sounds like you seeing the bing roads layer (the one referenced with the tag <layer label="Bing" type="bing" visible="false" style="road" culture="en-US" /> )

Make sure that the visibily is set to false, and the visibility for one of the other two - aerials or hybrid - is set to "true".

(note that I didn't actually add all three tags to my config file, just the hybrid)
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Is it still possible to project bing maps using flex api lib v 1. I understand in olderversion of flex it needs a handler page with userID and pwd. Does it allow the projection of bing maps to other than wgs84.

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HI Robert,

I am using flexviewer 3 with flex api 1.3.

The tage is 

<esri:VETiledLayer id="veLayer"     tokenURL="" />.

I want to understand what will this tokenURL contain?

If its a handler page then it will need user ID and password.

But at the same time i registered at ""  it gave me a key to use. I can use this key in Flex 4 and not in Flex 3. Could you please suggest how to use the key for flexviewer3.

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Documentation for using bing Maps can be found at:|StartTopic=layer_t...

help for using Bing in LocateWidget can be found here:|Star...

See it in action at:

config file for the above application is at:
Config file for the Locate Widget used in above application is  at:

More info on getting Bing key can be found at:

The links for Bing map documentations are not working, can someone please update the new links..!!
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