Attribute table Data not visible?

08-27-2014 03:40 AM
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Dear All,


I am working on one application using flex viewer 3.4.and using the attribute widget.i have total 7 layers in my dynamic map service.Some are scaled dependent .when i load the attribute table .the data for some scale dependent layers not visible on attribute scale dependent layer showing data.The others not showing data on the attribute table.what can be the layer not showing data make the table with columns headers and all columns of layer.but cells have no data.the other layer which does not show data only text showing " NO FEATURES IN CURRENT MAP EXTENT".Please tell me what can be the reason.


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Does the one that is showing also have a feature service created with it as well?

Not somewhere I can test, and it's been a while, but seems I remember (especially with older server) that you need to publish as both mapservice and featureservice to get it to show in the attribute table widget.


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