Attribute edits and SQL editor tracker

12-02-2015 12:16 PM
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I have users editing attribute data in the flex viewer to an SQL 2012 database that has editor tracking enabled.  My question is how do I get the username of the user editing to populate in the editor tracking?  They are only making attribute changes and no spatial changes and that seems to be the hangup.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about this, but I believe the IIS setup normally passes through a "generic" user when requesting the flexviewer pages, so that generic "user" would be put in the editor tracking username field.  Suspect you could change this so that it actually passes through the true username, but would then need to open the flexviewer up to all usernames/groups potentially accessing the site???  Like I said, not sure, but remember something about handling this in here.

However, I have a few users that edit data with the flexviewer edit widget, attribute changes only.

I have secured my feature services so that only people with permission are allowed to edit the data.  When they load a flexviewer app with a secured service, they have to enter their username/password.  By securing the service, if one of the users edits an attribute, it tags it with the logged in username and not the generic user.

So, simply securing the feature service of interest should get what you want as long as it is OK for edit users to have to "log in" before editing.