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12-13-2019 12:49 PM
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ArcGIS Urban users I have a question with regard to visualizing plans and projects. Is there a way to configure ArcUrban to show the actual scenarios or projects (if you have a 3D model), other than showing the small icons that indicate there is a plan or a project in a specific study area? 


See the attached Image. I want the plans and projects to be shown as seen in the attached image without clicking on it. 

Dominik Allemann‌ Do you have any ideas on this?

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Thanks for your question.

It is intentional that in the Urban Overview only small pins indicate that there is a Plan or a Project. The Urban Overview provides, as its name says, an overview over all planning activities currently going on in a city. Therefore a simple representation of the planning activities is important. Otherwise, the Overview risks to look too cluttered.

If you click on a pin in the overview or if you select a Plan or Project from the lists of Plans and Projects, scenario 1 is shown by default.

Please refer to the following resources to learn more about Plans & Projects and their corresponding publishing options:

ArcGIS Urban 101 – Projects and Plans 

Make a plan public—Help | Documentation 

Make a project public—Help | Documentation