Configuring the Suitability Attribute

04-06-2020 11:36 AM
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I am trying to understand how to work with the Suitability Score for parcels. Am I correct that to use this functionality I need to map the Suitability field to any field in my parcel file with a numeric value when I first load the file into Urban?

For example, if I have a field called "building_age" in my parcel file that has values from 1 to 10, I would map that field to the Suitability field in Urban. Then, using Urban I would use the slider to identify the parcels most likely to be developed based on the corresponding building age.

If my understanding is correct, does this also mean that only a single suitability category can be used unless the full parcel file is re-imported and a different attribute mapped to the Suitability field?



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Hi Dan Campbell‌,

Thanks for your question and your interest in ArcGIS Urban.

Your understanding is absolutely correct. And we also plan to extend the capabilities of ArcGIS Urban in terms of suitability analysis in the medium-term. Stay tuned :-). 


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