What's new in ArcGIS tutorials August 2023

09-01-2023 03:08 PM
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New ArcGIS tutorials


A Learn tutorial is a step-by-step workflow that uses a real-world scenario to introduce key ArcGIS tools, products and modern best practices. Here's a roundup of new tutorials in the ArcGIS tutorial Gallery that have appeared in the last month.

Analyze aggregated data in ArcGIS Insights


The number of fatal cycling accidents in Ottawa, Canada, increased between 2015 and 2018. Cycling advocates have called for the city to adopt a Vision Zero policy to eliminate traffic fatalities and increase public safety.

In the previous tutorial, Create a workbook in ArcGIS Insights, you created a workbook, prepared your data, and created a map of collisions. In this tutorial, you will continue the workflow by analyzing how traffic accidents are distributed across wards in Ottawa using spatial and attribute aggregation techniques.


Filter and join data in ArcGIS Insights 


In this tutorial, you'll look closer at the data from Somerset ward to determine the relationship between route type and number of accidents.

You know where in Ottawa the most collisions involving cyclists are occurring. But are there any patterns in the routes where collisions occur? If collisions tend to happen on specific roads, it may help city officials identify the best places to add bike routes or other bicycle safety measures.


Generate travel areas for charging stations 


Residents of the island of Newfoundland in Canada are considering switching to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. However, they're concerned that there won't be enough places for them to charge their vehicles.

In this tutorial, you'll determine which areas of the island are accessible to electric vehicles based on their distance from charging stations. First, you'll add Canadian charging station data to a map and filter it to Newfoundland. Then, you'll generate travel areas based on how long an electric vehicle can travel before it needs to recharge.


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