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12-15-2022 08:00 AM
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An ArcGIS tutorial series for developing essential GIS skills for health workflows

If there is anything positive about a crisis, it’s that it can open our eyes to gaps and needs in our systems.


Across the breadth of global health organizations, from governments to nonprofits and commercial entities, it’s clear that we need to invest in modern technology systems and in training the health workforce to take full advantage of their capabilities.

In support of that need, Esri has created Health GIS Curriculum: A guide for developing essential GIS skills, a free learning program.



Why learn essential Health GIS skills?

GIS is a powerful and effective tool for health applications. There are many important challenges in providing health care and services – equitable access, addressing health disparities, accurately assessing the spread of disease, prioritization of resource allocation, and responding to emergencies from natural disasters to pandemics.

What can I expect in the curriculum?

From students studying in health-oriented fields to educators and employers, the Health GIS curriculum offers hands-on materials to begin and enhance your geospatial capacity for managing health workflows and applications. GIS will enable and empower you to understand, make decisions, share, and improve health for everyone. Each tutorial is based on health-related scenarios that solve real-world problems. Every section builds a foundation of knowledge that will support the geographic approach to solving health challenges.

You can complete the entire curriculum, which is roughly the equivalent of a higher education course, or you can choose to complete a single tutorial or section -- whatever best fits your learning goals!



How can I get started?

Learn how you can apply geospatial thinking to health applications using the Health GIS curriculum. We highly recommend reviewing the entire site as you get started. In particular, watch the introductory video and read the section on how to use the materials. Get familiar with content format, additional resources to reinforce learning concepts in each section, and the opportunities to go further with your health GIS education. Over the next several months, additional materials will be added, so stay tuned and revisit the site often.

Start exploring the Health GIS Curriculum

and start building your geospatial thinking skills for GIS today!



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