XLSForm Issue - Bad Node

02-12-2020 02:16 PM
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I created a Survey123 xlsform. for those who may be unaware, using and XLSform based survey in the Survey123 app acts much differently than opening the same survey in a browser.

within the app i had originally written a calculation:

if(${practice}="Cover Crop (340)(acres)",round(pulldata('covercrops','phosphorus','county',${county})${costshareac},2),if(${practice}="Conservation Cover (327)(acres)",round(pulldata('grassedpractices','phosphorus','county',${county})${costshareac},2),if(${practice}="Critical Area Planting (342) (acres)",round(pulldata('grassedpractices','phosphorus','county',${county})${costshareac},2),if(${practice}="Filter Strip (393)(acres)",round(pulldata('grassedpractices','phosphorus','county',${county})${costshareac},2),""))))

This worked great in the app - I am referencing some CSVs (grassedpractices.csv, covercrops.csv) in this formula. You'll notice there are multiple if statements here.

To make this work well on a browser, I had to move the pulldata into new calculation rows and then call them. Below is my workaround:

This works fine (s_1):

if(${practice}="Cover Crop (340)(acres)",${s_cov},0)



THIS is where things get weird - If I try to apply this to multiple "if" statements then we run into some problems.

Example (s_2):

if(${practice}="Cover Crop (340)(acres)",${s_gp},0),if(${practice}="Conservation Cover (327)(acres)",${s_gp},0),if(${practice}="Critical Area Planting (342) (acres)",${s_gp},0),if(${practice}="Filter Strip (393)(acres)",${s_gp},0)

when I try to string them together like I did before I recieve an XFormParseException error indicating a Bad node.

(s_gp) referenced in above formula:




any obvious issues?

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.

Survey123 - Web Browser (tested in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge).

Windows 10, excel 2013, survey123 connect for ArcGIS 3.5

So far I've tried
-nesting the if statements, but it doesn't accomplish what I need.
-moving the pulldata rows above the if calculations
-creating a new row for each "if" (this works, but seems untidy and silly)
-changing the "type" to "hidden" and "decimal" rather than "calculate"
-putting many things in and out of parenthesis


I'm not attaching the form itself for privacy sake (certain choices), but if you really must have it I can make version that is gleaned of this information.

Thank you!

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I created a new choice and referenced it rather than putting a "quoted text" in as a cursor. 


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Hi Trevor,

It would be helpful if you could share the XLSFile to diagnose this.  Also, just to check - the statement in you XLSFile has the appropriate number of closing parenthesis?  It seems a few are missing form your copy/paste.

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Hi James -

Turns out all I needed was an appropriate nested-if statement. 

I was able to find some help on the ODK forum - and I'm sharing here in case someone else runs into a similar problem.

Thank you!

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