Workflow for testing/modifying existing survey.

01-30-2023 03:02 PM
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I am periodically editing an existing survey, which is an open-end questionnaire. For example, I add new fields, delete existing fields, add new logic, etc.

Recently, while making a modification to the survey, I encountered a schema compatibility issue. I had made a copy of the survey to try the changes, then I copied them into the original excel.  However, I didn't save a copy of the original excel before trying to publish the new version. Since I did it on multiple sessions, I lost the "undos" - fortunately I was able to manually revert back to a version that did not have compatibility issues.

Can someone please recommend a reliable workflow - step by step - for working on tests and modifications, and then safely publish modified surveys?



I use Survey123 - Version 3.15.175


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I too have trouble with the testing/production issue. Constantly making changes in a copy, then hoping they go back into the production version without issues. I'm following this and hoping there is a way to more easily and smoothly do this.

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