Win 10 Photo Orientation

04-10-2018 08:23 AM
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Hi Gang,

I am using a Panasonic FZ-G1 on Win 10 64-bit with the latest Survey123.  my survey work well in Portrait mode, but when I collect a picture it defaults to Landscape in the camera window, showing the photo preview rotated which makes it hard to position properly.  I tried installing the latest Panasonic Camera utility which handles the tablet rotation just fine, but with it running Survey123 can't seem to access the camera.  

Is there anyway to override the camera widget in Survey123 to set a widget rotation?



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Larry,

Survey123 attempts to read the camera orientation as provided by the operating system.  Could you provide samples of a landscape and portrait capture from the Toughbook using Survey123?  Please feel free to e-mail me directly at jtedrick @

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