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Why does Survey123 Connect create normal Feature Layers and Hosted Feature Layers indiscriminately?

01-14-2021 12:49 PM
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I have a dozen or so surveys that were created from scratch in Survey123 Connect and published out to my Enterprise system. Some of the surveys generate a "Form", "Feature Layer (stakeholder)", and "Feature Layer". Other surveys generate the same layers but list them as "Feature Layer (hosted)".  I do not see a difference in my publishing process that would lead to these different layers.


My big problem is that a stakeholder layer is only created from a "hosted" layer and if the Feature Layer is not hosted, you cannot create a stakeholder layer again. This article, ,instructs you to delete the stakeholder layer and update sharing. These steps are supposed to generate a new stakeholder layer, but it only works if the Feature Layer is hosted, which is not mentioned in the above article. 


Is there a way to generate a new stakeholder layer on a non hosted feature layer? I've got a survey with over 3,000 submissions in it that people can't view the results of because the stakeholder layer is gone. Is there a way to move my results into a new survey without using ArcGIS Pro?

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Hello @OrrinBabcock

Feature layer views can only be created on hosted feature services and cannot be created on feature services that reference an Enterprise Geodatabase. There is an ArcGIS idea requesting the ability to create views in your organization on non hosted data. Since ArcGIS Online/Enterprise cannot create views based on non hosted services Survey123 also cannot create nor manage views on non hosted services. 

If you want to create a view of your non hosted data I would suggest either republishing the feature class from your Enterprise Geodatabase to your organization, or creating a view in your Enterprise Geodatabase and publishing that as a service in your organization. 

If you want Survey123 to submit to that view you would need to update the submission URL in your XLSForm to the URL of the new feature service. 

Please use this link for more information on what the Fieldworker and Stakeholder views are used for in ArcGIS Survey123. 

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