Why do constraint messages display in multiple languages at once?

06-10-2020 03:40 PM
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We have a Survey123 form (built using Connect) that we would like to make available - in a web form, not the field app - in both English and Spanish.  The form has been configured with Spanish strings for labels, hints, required messages and constraint messages.  The labels, hints and required messages all behave as I would expect, but I'm seeing that the constraint messages appear in both languages, regardless of what language has been selected for the form.

For example, here is an image of the web form being used in English:

It's my understanding from this page that translating constraint messages is supported.  Any ideas for why both languages are appearing for constraint messages in the web form?  An example XLSForm is attached.

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Natalie Campos

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We learned from Esri Support that this is a defect.

Description: The constraint message is displayed in all languages when we access a Survey configured with multiple languages in the Survey123 for ArcGIS website.

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