When sending surveys I get error: No mapping exists from the object type System.Numerics.BigInteger....

02-28-2023 04:02 AM
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Since a few days ago, when our field workers try submit a survey using one of our Plant quality surveys, we get the following error:

No mapping exists from the object type System.Numerics.BigInteger to a known managed provider native type

The survey has not been changed at all, so this is quite puzzling as we have never had this errors before. I have attached the spreadsheet so that you can have a look at what i am working with.

The weird thing is that some surveys that were captured did actually get sent, but the majority didn't send and stay in the outbox with a red exclamation mark next to the survey. 


Can anyone tell me what the issue might be? It is an old survey that was still made on an older xlsx template, but has always worked fine. Could it maybe be some ESRI AGOL update that has happened that could be affecting the feature service?



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@IsmaelChivite please can you assist here - this app has stopped working and is causing havoc for us!

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