10-20-2022 12:43 PM
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I have successfully used Power Automate for simple Webhooks on a project where we have 2 Survey123 forms:

1) form A for registering trucks carrying contaminated soils to disposal sites

2) Form B used at disposal site to register arriving trucks

In a WebMap, I have created a JOIN between the 2 tables based on a field with unique values found in both tables. I use this JOIN in an Operation Dashboard to display the trucks that did not arrive yet.

I need a more sophisticated Webhook where I want to receive an alert when a truck has not yet arrived after x hours. From what I saw in Power Automate, we can only use Feature Layers linked to forms, not JOIN layers like I have. If Power Automate allowed connecting to more than 1  Feature layer, then i could use a DELAY function with UNTIL DO on FormA, until it finds the corresponding unique value in FormB.

Any suggestions ?

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