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04-08-2020 11:47 PM
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We have set up a survey that shall send the survey data via webhook to FME Server. FME Server does receive the request from Survey123 but not the data. Debugging the communication in the web browser shows that the request is sent with Request Mode "OPTIONS".

  • What effect does this parameter have and especially the OPTIONS value?
  • Is OPTIONS the correct setting for this parameter (or should it be GET)?
  • How can we change/influence the setting of this parameter in the SURVEY123 webhook configuration.

Thanks for any help, best regards.


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Jürgen,

The OPTIONS request is a standard pre-flight (pre-submission) request to check for CORS compatibilit... You should see that the data is not sent, but should be following in a following POST request.

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Same problem here. I have set up a webhook in Survey123. To test it, I created a webhook at https://webhook.site. When a new form is submitted, the webhook seems to be receiving just the OPTIONS request:


However, testing the same webhook with an online API testing tool (https://reqbin.com/) works fine, suggesting that the issue is from the source at Survey123 and not in the webhook:





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