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Webhook Error?

08-31-2023 10:44 AM
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I created a form through Connect that has a webhook set up through Make(Integromat). Most of the time, surveys are being submitted through the Survey123 Field App or desktop app, but when it's submitted through a webpage, this error comes up:


The form still gets submitted, but this error has confused multiple users who have submitted through the webpage version, and they've ended up submitting duplicates, which is a problem in itself. My ultimate goal is to roll this form out company wide, so having everyone download the desktop Survey123 app onto their computers isn't an option. 

Any ideas what I can do about this error message?

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We're having exactly the same trouble. In our case we integrate Survey 123, Google SHEETS, GMAIL via a MAKE WebHoke scenario. In addition we created a ArcGis Dashboard that combine a WebMap corporate data & the Surveys collected since the implemantation

It is strange that even the error launch records are recorded well, on the FeatureLayer part (geometry, fields, & attached files). But some users are confused and they send several times the same survey, and duplicate data apears.

I try to found where write a message that helps end users how proceed if errror launches but i'm not capable fouding where or wich obect i must correct.

One way is to write a notice at the seme Survey 123 forms but i think it's not very elegant.

Hope someone in ESRI support team can help us to found a solution 



Raimon Reventós

Parc Natural de Collserola-Barcelona



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From my experience, this error is due to having a webhook configured on your survey that Survey123 is unable to communicate with. 
Check Settings > Webhooks. If you have any enabled there, turn them off. The error may go away.
Try pasting the URL of any webhook you've configured into a browser and see if it can be reached. If the browser returns a 'not found' or 'can't be reached' error, then the issue is on the webhook URL side; maybe your application server that is trying to receive the Survey123 webhook messages isn't publicly accessible or its webhook service is down. Or the webhook URL is incorrect.

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Thank you for your answer. MattAtSafe

I'll follow your instructions to see if the problem is fixed.


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Good news MattAtSafe

Some days ago I apply your instructions about Weebhook error.

 Check Settings > Webhooks. If you have any enabled there, turn them off.  I deleted too the complete list of webhooks it apear in the Survey settings window, except the last one, and the error I reported does not apear more at the moment it's sended by the users.  .

Thanks for your help



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