Webform inconsistences when editing vs copying an existing survey result

02-17-2021 10:37 AM
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Hi All, 

I am noticing some inconsistences with mode=edit vs mode=copy when pulling up an existing survey record via URL Params.  When I retrieve a survey record using mode=edit all of the existing results are pulled in as-expected and are editable.

When I want to copy an existing survey record (mode=copy) any question that is within a group does not seem to be retrieved.  See my example below:































And to complicate things even further, when I use the Survey123 field app, an existing record can be retrieved and copied (action=copy) and the results are copied as expected. (Notice the different url param for the web form vs. the field app)











Anybody experience the same?   We want to be able to copy a record via URL to the webform and create a new survey and of course that is the one step in the workflow that does not seem to work.



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