Using repeats: desire to eliminate blank submissions

02-05-2021 11:54 AM
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I am working with repeats and I would like to eliminate blank submissions from my output data. I currently have the Appearance set to minimal, which eliminated the automatic blank submissions. Now I notice that if the user opens the repeat to view the questions, never fills out the questions, then closes that repeat and moves to a new section of the form a submission will be sent with blank entries for that repeat. Is there a way to eliminate this and ONLY have submissions for repeats that actually have data entered?

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Idea: If you add a required question within your repeat, people will not be able to send empty rows.

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Thanks IsmaelChivite, 

Unfortunately, I don't want every section to have required questions.

For example, 

Question 1: choose multiple A,B,C,D   (Each choice opens up an entire question section that is grouped as a repeat.)

IF Selected A and B: 

The questions within repeat A and also the questions within repeat B become visible and will be filled out by the user. 

The questions in repeat C and D are not shown to the user and are not filled out, as desired.

My current issue is if the user is unsure of whether they want to answer C,D they might "open up" or expand the minimized section then decide not to answer those. If they do this then close the repeat and then go back and deselect C,D from Question 1 the form still registers and will spit out a blank entry for that previously selected repeat. 

My current solution is to have notes pop up connected to question one that list the possible questions within each repeat. Hopefully this keep users from the above situation.

If I set a required question in A,B,C and D I wont be avoiding this. 

I hope this further info helps better explain my predicament. I am not optimistic that there is an actual solution here, so I may have to be content with the work around I have come up with.


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