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Using repeat answers in a template report

11-22-2022 06:38 PM
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I am able to use the answers from a repeating question in a report template but I'm hoping someone has the answer in how to clean things up a bit.

I'm populating a table with the results of the survey but the only way I've been able to configure the template winds up creating a blank space between each record.


If I start the repeat above the field headers, then the headers are repeated for each record, and I can't embed the start repeat within the table itself without getting errors.  Any thoughts?


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Is there a reason you have ${#observations} and ${/observations} outside of the table row?

You should be able to include the start and end tags in the same cell as the data. So for example, the cell under the "Number" column would have ${#observations}${address_num}    (Notice that I didn't include a space, so there won't be a space at the beginning of each address number.)


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Hi Kathrine,
I think I set it up like this based on another post I had seen.  I tried your approach, but am unable to validate if it works as I am now getting this error when trying to publish the template.
Re: Survey 123 Report Template Error: Failed to pa... - Page 5 - Esri Community

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