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05-15-2019 01:00 PM
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I'm having an issue with the Web Form version of a Survey 123 Form I created. I created this Form in Survey123 Connect. I'm using the "GeoShape" field in the Form to allow for the capturing of a polygon. So GeoShape works fine in the Survey123 for ArcGIS phone app. But we also embed the Form in a web application that we have. We use the url like this: and put that in an iframe (this is straight from the embed option on the collaboration page in So here's the thing, I understand GeoShape is experimental, and I don't actually need it to work in the webform to create polygons. I would like to just hide it, and not make having a polygon be require. I tried to hide the field of type GeoShape using the "hide" query parameter. This worked to hide it in the webform, however when I submit I still get the following error: 

Is there a way to get around this error for the Web Form?

Also, does anyone have any idea when GeoShape will be actually functional in the Web Form?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Smith,

The error is expected as we currently do not support Line and polygon surveys in Survey123 website. 

We do not have a specific timeframe to support line and polygon surveys yet but it's in our future release plan.

Here is the information we documented on our EAC regarding line/polygon surveys support:

Lines and polygons in the Survey123 website

Starting with the Survey123 3.4 release, the Survey123 website provides full support for viewing and analysing line and polygon feature services. This is out-of-the-box functionality; if one of your surveys has a line or polygon feature service, it can be accessed in the Survey123 website with no further configuration.

However, note that at this point there is no way to add a line or polygon question in the Survey123 web designer. Line and polygon surveys also are not currently supported in surveys opened on the web; this is currently planned for our next release.

Feature reports also support line and polygon questions, also with no further configuration. However, if you want your report to provide more information than the image of your map, there are expressions that can be used with feature report templates.

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