Using an existing Table to get a list of elements on S123

05-08-2022 07:22 AM
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We have an ongoing projet using S123 stored on an enterprise DB. This project has many data collected for any single asset feature.
On the SQL side we create a table listing the default associated to the S123 inspection feature having the following description:  No data, no default added and at least 1 default added.

For quality control we will like to use this table on S123 and allowed the field users to check the missing data, knowing that every asset should have at least 1 default.

The question is if we can use JS and pulldata to show this service  table on a different form.  It will have between 2 and X values. If not it is something that could be done using Power Automate? Get the table and send it by email?

I’m open for any idea…


thank you community! 

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