Using a linked map in Survey123 outbox

11-17-2021 07:38 AM
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Is it possible to use a webmap with the outbox? It seems the linked map is only used by the inbox and sent, as well as by the survey, while Outbox uses only the basemap.

This is to support a workflow of being offline for a long time - need to see the points they are collecting so they know where more samples are needed, also in context with their other assets, to be able to continue to collect effectively.

Would be great to know if this capability is coming in a future release or is there a way to set it manually at this point. Thanks!


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Hello @SueEnyedy

Can you please elaborate a little more exactly what you have linked to the survey? I know you had mentioned web map but I wouldn't expect a web map to work offline as an internet connection would be needed to access the map. Are you using offline areas of the web map that are downloaded on the device, a MMPK, TPK, or VTPK linked to the survey? 

I had tested with an offline area, MMPK, VTPK, and TPK on my end and was able to access the maps from the outbox. 

Is there also a specific device you are seeing an issue on?

Thank you,
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Hi Zach, I don't think they tried any of these options which I am going to point them to if that is what we recommend for workflow. You refer to this correct?

If they can see the new points they continue to collect while offline, on an offline basemap containing all their other assets in an offline basemap, that may suffice for their workflows. I also was asked if there is anything new coming with the outbox map capabilitiies.

They are using iphones, not sure what version.

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