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11-03-2022 08:57 AM
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I’ve given the users of my group all permissions to edit, add, and delete records that they added.  However, I'm not sure what would be an easy way for them to find this table outside of going to the form on survey123 and clicking on the "data" tab. Is there are more direct way that they would be able access the table, such as though map viewer?

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Hi @wolverine1 

Users only can gain access to the data tab once the results of the survey are shared to them via the collaborate page.

As well as viewing the data on the data page on the Survey123 website, sharing via the colloaborate page provides respective users access to a hosted view layer named <SurveyName>_results.  Respective users can see the results by looking at the Data tab of the hosted view layer too.

Hope this helps

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