User can submit a survey prematurely before question is answered correctly

01-25-2020 05:53 PM
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I have several questions in my survey which require a specific answer to proceed to additional questions. The logic to display or not display additional questions is working but the survey can be submitted if the answer is incorrect.  Is there a way to keep the user on this question until the correct answer is entered or not allow the survey to be submitted?  

In my survey for example, the user must scan a barcode and if it doesn't match the barcode on the supply box, they have to get the right supply box and scan correctly before proceeding to the next question to get a signature and submit the survey.  Currently the user can scan the wrong box and submit the survey. 

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Fields that are hidden due to relevant will not get checked.  That makes sense because non relevant questions would never let you submit.

What I have asked for is validation by page.  That way I can make sure page 1 is good before moving on to page 2.  This is how most forms programs and web forms work now.  This has actually become our biggest data QA nightmare because I simply cannot stop them from moving on with a incomplete form.  And like you said if I hide the fields from the to force them to fill out the beginning then they can just skip it all completely.  I have found no way around this.

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