Use Repeat to Submit Multiple Records to non-related table

07-29-2021 06:46 AM
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I have a Survey which references a Standalone, nonspatial table.  I would like to collect multiple entries for the same information.  The only thing that would change would be the "Location" field. 

I thought a Repeat would be great for this workflow:

  • A user picks "location1" and answers several "Pass/Fail" questions. 
  • Add a new repeat record and then choose "Location2" and answer the "Pass/Fail" questions
  • Wash/Rinse/Repeat until all locations have been assessed.

In the background there is  a hidden UUID field being captured so that each of these records could then be grouped at a later date for reporting purposes.

Now the problem - It appears that a Repeat can only be used for Related Tables.  Does anyone know a way around this?  Or, a different workflow?  



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A survey is really only meant to submit a single record, plus related records for that specific single record. Having a survey that is submitting multiple records to a non-related table is not possible.

When users take your survey, will the number of locations be fixed, or can it change? If fixed, I'd say just add more columns. Otherwise, just enable the option for users to submit multiple responses and have the submission page allow them to start a new response.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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As of now it's a fixed number of locations (5).  each location has 2 questions.  I was trying to eliminate the need to have redundant fields that effectively recording the same information with the exception of Location.  For my use case the Repeat would be a great solution but it sounds like from what you are saying is that it's not possible.


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