URL parameter, copy survey data to new survey, attachments not transferred

08-03-2022 03:07 PM
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Hi, I have a survey for inspecting assets where the inspection records submitted by Survey123 (connect create and using the field app -- all within our ArcGIS Enterprise Portal) are in a related table to a point feature class. I use a custom URL parameter on the point feature class to launch this survey:


Pretty straightforward there.

We have attachments (mainly photos) related to the inspection records. The survey handles this fine with the image and file type question.

However, I recently got a request for users to have the ability to copy the values from a survey that was already submitted and start a new one that's basically prepopulated with everything from before. The users will modify a few things to gain additional measurements (not really important here) and then submit again.

To achieve this I again used the custom url parameters except this time the URL is within the previously submitted survey inspection record's pop-up:


That all works great and they get a new inspection all ready to go with all the values prepopulated from the previous inspection's data except I know some of these users are going to want the attachments that were attached to the previous inspection to come in as well. Is there a parameter or some other way to do that?

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Hello @AndrewOldham

This is expected behavior, the same behavior would occur if you were to copy the survey without the URL parameter. The reason for this is to resolve an issue that came up in the past where if you deleted the image from the copied survey it was also removed from the original survey as both were pointing to the same attachment in the My Survey Attachments folder. 

Please see BUG-000110311 for reference. 

Thank you,
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Hi @ZacharySutherby,

I see. That makes some sense. It would be great if it were able to go out and fetch + copy the related attachments via a query parameter + action=copy (or something similar) like I did above for the inspection record itself (if that makes sense). Is there any plan to enable something like that? I saw the status of the bug is Unknown Text - Bugs/Fixed.

At least now I know there isn't really anything I can do at the moment to get those over into a new record. without manually downloading them first or something. At least with this workflow I hope they won't really need that ability.

Thanks for the response!

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