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Updating Domains in AGOL for Survey123 Choices

11-28-2018 12:03 PM
by Anonymous User
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If I update the domains in AGOL for a feature layer that is associated with a survey 123 form, is it possible to update the choices in the form automatically to reflect the changes made to the domains?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Kristy,

Survey123 Connect will not auto-read the updated choices; you will need to update the choice list manually and then republish the survey.

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Occasional Contributor

Hi James,

We have a survey that we expect will need frequent domain updates. Is there a recommended workflow for doing this without clearing out existing data? Also, is there another option (workaround) that would be a better fit if domain list changes are difficult? Our users are hoping to maintain there own pick-list options for the survey. Thanks.

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by Anonymous User
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Heather, have you looked into the editing of the domains through the ArcGIS Online - Hosted Feature Service (HFS) "Data" tab and then explore the "Fields"? There is an option to update the Domains within the actual Hosted Feature service by this means, which in turns means there is a way to use the "REST API" to update them also.

Not sure how intense the updates would be, but after updating the domains within the HFS, then you would have to update the survey form with those same values and republish. 

There is also this method, but BE VERY careful and attempt this on a NON production HFS to ensure that you do not corrupt a working HFS - How To: Add coded value domains to a hosted feature service from a REST endpoint 

by Anonymous User
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Hi Mike,

Using the data tab was our original plan, but we want to avoid having the customer mess around in the XLS form/have to republish with Connect. I think am going to attempt to recreate our survey in the web version of survey123. It seems like that would be easier if they have to update the pick lists for the form too.

Thanks for your input!

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Hello Mike, 

Thank you for sharing this information. I was also looking for any workaround for the case that requires to update domain coded values frequently - possibly daily basis during emergency season. Has there any better methodology come out yet since 2018..? 

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If the survey isn't a production one or you are prepared for a small amount of downtime, you can delete the field from the feature service and republish from Connect (re-adding the field).

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