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Updated Survey123 questions are only seen by Survey Owner

04-06-2022 02:07 PM
New Contributor II

Hello all,

Got a tricky issues that's been happening to a survey that was just updated. The survey is mainly used by 2 accounts, the owner being one of them. The issue is that the owner of the survey is able to view data from the analyze tab, the other account is unable to view data from the analyze tab. Although they are able to view the updated survey questions. 

Let me know if there are any screenshots that may be required to solve this problem.




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Hi Brian,

Without a little more information, I'm going to just take a shot in the dark here.

Are you referring to the Analysis Tab in Pro?  

Have they always been able to view the data?

There is a setting on the Portal/AGOL feature layer page that must be checked in order for editors to see items they did not create.  Like so.....