Update survey to newest xlsform version?

04-15-2019 05:07 PM
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I have a survey published using an older version of Survey123 Connect. I would like to update the xlsform to the newest version. How can I do that? I would like to take advantage of new features, such as paged forms.



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Best way I have found is 

Rename your current survey to SomethingOLD.xlxs

Upgrade your Connect

In Connect create a brand new form

Open your Old form

Select all the data form rows in the old - skipping the top row of field names

Go into the new form and Right Click - Paste Values!!  Very important part or you will bring all the old formulas over.

Go in and check the End columns.  Since there were some adds now you will see some columns a bit off near the end.  Esp field length for me.

   If you do move them again make sure to use Paste Values. 

   Note This also helps fix up all those times you Ctrl C-V too fast and move formulas to the wrong column.  Which i do a lot.

Then don't forget to do the Settings page and Choices page!

Save this new form with the original form name in the original form directory.  

Then just open in Connect as normal and it will pick up all the changes.

I was able to update forms from 2.1 to 3.3 this way. 

Sometimes the drop downs are still a pain.  If so look at the old form - click the field/row then Data Validation button.  You can copy and paste the part where it is grabbing the list over the new form.

(Note this is also where you can turn off those annoying hovering yellow boxes - by going to Input Message tab then uncheck Show input message.)

I wonder what this does to the .info file but I have had no troubles.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Doug! That worked a treat!!!

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Hi Doug, is this still the current way to update an old xlsform to a newer version? 

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