Update SQL Server table from Survey123

05-11-2020 04:20 PM
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Hi team, I'm pretty new working with SQL server databases. What's the easiest way to link my Survey123 results to an SQL Server database table? Is there an existing workflow for that? Basically, whenever a survey has been submitted, the SQL server table will be updated as well. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Harmond Santos‌,

Generally speaking, Survey123 submits data to a feature service. In your case, you may want to first publish your SQL Server database table as a feature service in ArcGIS Pro, and then create a survey from that feature service. Then data collected with this survey will be submitted to the underlying database table directly.

For how to create a survey from an existing feature service, Use Survey123 with existing feature services—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation  would help.

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Check out this script if you want to download and sync on a regular basis between a hosted feature service and SQL.