update more than 1 record (batch update)

08-23-2022 12:54 PM
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I'm using a Survey123 form and a web map that are linked in experience builder.  It doesn't appear that I can select multiple features from the map to perform a batch update using the survey form.  Am I missing something or can't this be done?


We like to make a public application for our Adopt-A-Street program that allows for the user to select the road segments they want to adopt.  They would select the road segments and then complete the form.  My approach isn't working.  Can anyone recommend a different approach?

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@QuayeT It is not possible to bulk submit survey123 responses. As mentioned in a similar thread, the recommendation would be to use ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro tools if edits needed to be made to multiple features at once.

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