Update domain values in S123 Portal hosted feature layer?

10-19-2022 08:13 AM
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Howdy all,

I have an address field named sam_street in a survey. In the field app, this is populated by a select one dropdown which gets its values from a csv file. When publishing to our Portal (not AGOL), I select the option to create coded value domains.

I had a field user who selected the wrong address and only realized it a couple months after having submitted the survey. I went into Portal > Feature Layer > Data and attempted to edit the value (also tried in a web map). Editing is enabled. However, it only gave me the option of the domain name, apparently also sam_street, and No Value. I wasn't able to edit the value to the correct one. Selecting sam_street populated the field with the text sam_street, so no help there.

I've tried adding the value to the domain in the REST endpoint and via ArcGIS Pro, but no luck. The correct address is in the csv file, but no addresses appear in either the code or description, just sam_street.

Is there any way to fix this, short of adding another address specific domain or entering the data in again? Thanks.

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On your layer's Data tab in Portal, can you go to the Fields sub-tab and edit the domain there?



- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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I can get to that page, but when I go to Edit for List of values all I can do is add a new domain or delete the existing one. All it shows is label and code, both of which are sam_street.

I am the owner of the layer, but not an organization admin, if that makes a difference.

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